Pastors Media Kit

We are full of excitement and hope for what God is doing in America today. The coming years will mark the beginning of a new and fresh outpouring of God across this land. On January 11, 2016 God showed me His 5-point plan of restoration for America; subsequently, we are expecting a new work of restoration spiritually, politically, economically, financially and socially.
It is our privilege to bring this message to the church all across America right now. This plan of restoration for our land is God's "RESCUE 911" plan to bring about a revival during the course of this year. We are excited and honored to carry this message throughout all of America from church to church. We know God's Word will not return void but that this prophetic Word God spoke to us will begin to flourish throughout America at this time and that the Holy Spirit will confirm this Word with signs following as He is poured out everywhere.


The ministry of Dr. Gabriel Heymans represents a new breed of prophetic ministries for the final hour of the church. Gabriel’s vision is to explain God’s plan of “a Holy Spirit revolution” of the church before the Lord’s return. This revolution, brought about through the outpouring of the fire of God, will result in the full restoration of the church to God’s Glory. Following God’s fire revolution, the church will be mobilized to reap God's End Time Harvest for the return of Jesus!

Born and raised in old-time, religious, Dutch Reformed Christianity, Gabriel’s life was dramatically transformed through a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit in September 1979 at which time he accepted the call to ministry. The reality of this face to face experience with the Holy Spirit was the beginning of Gabriel’s personal relationship with the Holy Spirit from 1979 until present. But the foremost passion of Gabriel’s ministry was born on that day too, the desire to introduce the Holy Spirit as a personal friend to all Christians everywhere.

Blessings to you in the precious name of JESUS.

In 1986 while I was pastoring in South Africa, the Lord visited me supernaturally and showed me the next revival of His spirit to come to the church. Amazingly, everything the Lord showed me that day came to pass between 1990 and 2005.

In 1995 during the time of this first revival of refreshing, surprisingly the Lord visited me again to show me the next revival, which would be the global outpouring of Gods fire and glory. This new revival would be the last great worldwide outpouring of God's Spirit. The glorious church for the last day harvest of the world will be raised up by God out of the fire.


On June 21, 2014, the Lord once again visited me supernaturally. At this time He showed me his plan to raise up the glorious church in the kingship of authority and wealth. He revealed the plan for this new ministry to emerge from this time on and sent me to the church to impart this message and anointing to His people. Enclosed is a recent DVD, "The Rising of the Kings" and testimonies of the signs, miracles, and wonders regarding kingship of authority and wealth.


For more information or to set up a meeting in your church or community, you may contact me by phone or email.


Kindest regards,

Gabriel Heymans