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prophetic aspect of God’s Word is one of the most important things in
God’s heart. The Lord joyfully reveals to us His prophetic heart and
purpose in His Word and through His Spirit.&nbsp; </div>
<div>However, it greatly saddens the heart of
God that the prophetic has become a place of chaos and confusion in the
church, and it greatly grieves the heart of God that the church lives in<span style="color: #9e7a31;"> "PROPHETIC TURMOIL”</span> today worldwide!</div>
<div>It is the heartbeat of this ministry to
correctly and accurately present the prophetic heart of God to the
church and to see the Holy Spirit restore the church globally to the
prophetic plan of God for us today in this final generation of the
Church Age!</div>
<h2><span style="color: #9e7a31;">WHAT EXACTLY IS “THE PROPHETIC”?</span></h2>
<div>It is the future.</div>
<div>It is the future of all creation, all
earth, and all heaven as planned by God before the foundation of the
world was ever made.&nbsp; The prophetic is God’s plan for all creation for
all time!</div>
<div>Since the creation of man, at different
times and through different people, the Lord has revealed small parts of
the future on an ongoing basis throughout time.&nbsp; As such, the Lord has
revealed prophetic revelation for the future concerning Israel, the
Messiah, salvation, the different dispensations of time on earth, and
their respective&nbsp; governments.</div>
<div>With the completion of the revelation of
the New Covenant through the writers of the New Testament, the main
aspects of the prophetic future had been disclosed to us by the Lord.&nbsp;
Through the progression of time since then and at different intervals of
time, the Holy Spirit has highlighted individual portions of the
prophetic, emphasizing those things which are about to be fulfilled!&nbsp;</div>
<div>On Friday May 14, 1948, the nation of Israel was reborn as a Sovereign State for the <span style="color: goldenrod;">FIRST&nbsp;</span><span style="color: goldenrod;">TIME</span>
since the invasion of Israel by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon,&nbsp; in
the year 605 B.C.&nbsp; Israel endured worldwide captivity&nbsp;for a period of
almost 2600 years [2520 exactly], as such&nbsp; Israel was oppressed by other
Nations.&nbsp; With this historic prophetic event taking place in 1948,
according to Jesus, this event marked the beginning of the last
generation of the Church Age.</div>
<div>From this prophetic landmark of time
forward, we notice that the Holy Spirit has highlighted and elaborated
on many of the end-time events to come in this final generation of the
Church Era.&nbsp; As we approach the final season of this final generation,
the Holy Spirit will unleash a flood of prophetic revelation followed by
a flood of prophetic events taking place at an accelerated pace as the
end of the church age runs its course to the end in our lifetime.</div>
<h2><span style="color: #9e7a31;">HERE IS HOW OUR MINISTRY PRESENTS THE PROPHETIC MINISTRY</span> <span style="color: #9e7a31;">OF GOD TO THE CHURCH</span><br />
     <li>We show the church clearly what exactly the prophetic is.</li>
     <li>We show the church how the prophetic plan of God is given to us through His written&nbsp;Word. </li>
     <li>We show further how the Holy Spirit elaborates on specific prophetic events in the Word.</li>
     <li>We also show how the Holy Spirit
     provides new prophetic revelation today which He provides in full
     agreement with God’s Word.&nbsp; The Holy Spirit usually does this through
     the three revelation gifts of the Spirit delivered through a credible
     established prophet in the church.</li>
     <li>We also show the difference between
     Old and New Testament prophecies in the Bible, and clarify the
     differences between such Old and New Testament prophecies. </li>
     <li>We also point out the relationship
     between God’s prophetic agenda for today and the churches’ response to
     and compliance with the prophetic plan of God, or lack of it. </li>
     <li>The reality of the destiny of the
     church in this final hour is compromised presently since the church
     universally fails to respond to God’s prophetic plan for her at this
     time. In showing the complete prophetic plan of the Lord for the church,
     we focus on bringing the church in full compliance with God’s prophetic
     plan for the hour.</li>
<div>The <span style="color: #9e7a31;">PROPHETIC PLAN</span> of God for us today is our <span style="color: #9e7a31;">DESTINY</span>, the very reason why God placed us on the earth in this final hour of the Church Age.&nbsp; It encompasses our entire existence.</div>
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