Shellie's Journal...

I cried out to Jesus while in a state of desperation and in a puddle of tears on my living room floor. He made Himself very real to me when I flipped opened my Bible and my eyes fell on the scripture, Proverbs 3:5 & 6…Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your on insight or understanding, but in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. At that moment, Holy Spirit entered my heart, and I literally felt the burdens of life lift off my shoulders. I was born again! One month later I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the lobby bathroom of the Marriott Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. His power entered me like a comet shooting through the sky and entered my spirit (I actually saw this with my spirit eye), literally knocking me backward with His force of glory! I was forever changed and set ablaze to run and live for Him!

Fast forward 17 years of phase one of my journey as I pursued the Lord all I knew how…and with a broken soul that muddled through the highs and lows of life longing for and seeking wholeness. My next encounter with the Lord transitioned me into phase two in January 1999, when on my lunch hour and walking from the parking lot to the front door of the office, I made a turn around the corner of the building and literally felt myself step into the phase two…it was surreal…and I just knew my life was taking a new course…and that it would be at high speed. I went to my office and sat down, and then I became aware of a Presence behind me.  I turned around to see Holy Spirit standing across the room by the window…He appeared as a misty white silhouette and spoke saying, “I am with you”. I knew by the power of His words and that He appeared in Person to me, that I was about to walk through huge changes and difficulties that I would need His strength to endure!

The next two years brought a divorce; and then remarriage to a beautiful spirit of a man; but, the dreaded disease of ALS (Lou Gerhig’s) plagued our life for the better part of nearly a decade of which I was the primary caregiver...I need a book tell this part of my life…absolutely the best and worst of times! But, for God! His love, His grace, His strength!

A few months into this marriage in March 2001, I had another encounter with the Lord. While in the kitchen cooking, I felt the Presence of the Lord swoop in so strongly that I turned around to see who was there. I immediately knew it was the Lord and the urgency I sensed from Him. So I turned off the stove and ran up two flights of stairs to the room I liked to pray in. I literally dove onto the floor stretched out on my face in very deep intercession like I had never experienced before…it was as if the prayers were coming up from my toes! I knew there was strong purpose in the intercession and that the Lord had great need of something from me…He spoke saying, “Will you accept the call?” I felt the seriousness of His request and with much contemplation, I answered the call and said, “Yes, Lord”.

Now, fast forward through the many wilderness years which all who accept God’s call must endure and be tested and tried. Glory to God, His love endures forever! Phase three of my life…God’s Fire begins!

Experiencing the Fire of God is spectacular! My first experience was at a large healing crusade in 2004…when it hit me, my body exploded in a glorious spasm and I crawled backward out of my stadium seat into the lap of the lady in the row behind me…my clothes all twisted and disheveled…and not understanding WHAT had just taken place exactly, but was totally fascinated and hungry for more! Since then, God’s Fire has “hit” me many times…mostly when in Gabriel’s meetings and a couple of times at home. 

The transition into phase three where I presently live has everything to do with God’s plan and purposes regarding His soon coming outpouring of fire and glory! He’s called me specifically to His intercession ministry to spiritually birth and pray forth His will for Gabriel Heymans Ministries as leading the way to the end-time revival.   We know and understand the importance of preparing for the Fire outpouring of God. For me to have experienced the Fire of God and be called of God to operate in the intercessory prayer ministry are of great importance; and part and parcel of the Fire revival which will become a global movement of the greatest outpouring of God in the earth ever. This Fire revival will produce the harvest of souls for the return of Jesus!