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Graduating from Bible School in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1981, Gabriel entered the full-time ministry in April 1983. The early years of Gabriel’s experiences in ministry include pioneering an internationally affiliated Bible School in Zimbabwe, Africa, and pioneering and pastoring three different churches, both in South Africa and the U.S.

On Sunday October 19, 1986, while pastoring on the East Coast of South Africa, the Lord revealed to Gabriel prophetically that two revivals will come to the church before Jesus’ return.

It is with this message of revival that the Lord sent Gabriel to America in 1988 to help prepare the church for those two forthcoming revivals, since both revivals would start in America.

In 1993, the first of these two end-time revivals exploded in the U.S. Gabriel became one of the principle leaders of the new move of God, subsequent revivals erupted through this ministry across America, and further spread to England, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, Portugal and Finland. Revival meetings would last for weeks at a time and were characterized by outpourings of the Spirit in laughter and joy, accompanied by notable signs and wonders of God such as healings and certain miracles, especially in the case of the aids virus and certain cancers.

In January 1995 came the revelation of the second of the two end-time revivals which would be an the outpouring of God's Fire and GLORY around the world.

The last twenty years has been a season of continued revivals and subsequent preparation for the new era of God’s fire.

The focus of this ministry today is threefold: The Holy Spirit, God’s Prophetic Agenda for this final hour and the coming Revival of Fire.

Presently, we are standing on the verge of the “fire explosion” of God which will bring this ministry into the fullness of the calling which God had placed upon Gabriel’s life.