Agape Love is the pure unadulterated love of God. It is perfect since God in essence is AGAPE.  He does not possess it as some commodity which He has obtained in some away; no, it is woven into every fiber of His divine Being.  Agape love is imparted to us in our spirits when we become born again.  Agape will grow in our spirit as we grow spiritually, enabling our spirit-man increasingly to exhibit and demonstrate this perfect love of God to all, sinner and saint alike.  We are commanded by God to walk and live a life of demonstrating Agape each day.
A. The Lord recently told me to present a study on Agape.  The church today does not know what Agape is.  Very little preaching is done on Agape, and virtually no exhortation is heard in the church to develop and live in agape.  It is time for the church to return to our first love and live the life of God, AGAPE!

B. The need for agape is the need for God and pure godliness.  As long as the church fails in agape, we fail God, and our testimony of salvation to the  world is silenced.  It is not our preaching that the world hears, it is our walk of Agape that demonstrates God to the world and brings the world to salvation in Jesus Christ.