The Five Fold Ministry Series

 Dear friends,
Blessings to you in the wonderful Name of Jesus!
Today I am overjoyed to announce the start of  a new YOU TUBE series about the Apostles and Prophets Series leadership ministry of the church. The reason for presenting this new series about the ministry at this time is "PROPHETIC"; this is the time that the Lord is going to restore the full 5-fold ministry to the church!
I really hope and pray that all of you will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to this new series; really, our lives DEPEND on receiving these amazing ministry giftings and blessings from God because all the ministry gifts and their respective impartations come through the 5-fold ministry; THESE giftings CANNOT be received by us in ANY OTHER WAY but through the 5-fold ministry!
Furthermore, I promise I will be teaching things on the 5-fold ministry which I have NEVER taught before, some things which I have never heard taught before either. Someone else may have taught these before somewhere that I do not know about; but I doubt it. IT IS BRAND NEW REVELATION FOR THIS TIME; RIGHT NOW!
I want to welcome everyone to The Five Fold Ministry Series, Apostles and Prophets Teaching for you tube.
May the Lord transform both your life and future through this new series.