GOD'S GOLD & GLORY REVOLUTION challenges the Church to prepare for God’s miraculous two-fold Apostolic/Prophetic end-time revival which will soon encompass the whole earth. This book is the passionate proclamation of Gabriel’s obedience to God in announcing God’s end-time message to everyone who is eagerly awaiting the soon return of Jesus!


Do biblical time cycles affect God’s end-time schedule?

What is God’s “climax of the ages” for the last-day Church?

Can we know the actual birth date of Christ?

Will we know the time of Jesus’ coming for the Church?

In 2020, are we reaching the end of the final generation?

Will God make a full restoration of all before Christ’s return?

Can we know satan’s end-time strategy against the Church?

Is the pre-Tribulation Rapture truly New Testament?

What is Israel’s position in the last-day revival?

Who will qualify to experience the Church Rapture?

Let God’s Gold & Glory Revolution prepare you for these last days.
Dare to Believe!