In preparation to the great outpouring of God’s fire, the Lord allowed me one time to see a gigantic wall of fire descending from heaven above. In my estimation this solid wall of fire looked to be 1000 feet high and about 100 feet wide. The entire wall of fire was super-energized with a lively and vibrant energy of fervent heat, impossible to describe. This wall of fire then proceeded to touch down on the East Coast of America, covering the entire Coastline from Maine all the way down to the Florida Keys. Then the wall of fire began to move Westwards covering the entire land mass of the U.S.A. moving throughout the whole country until it hit the West Coast of the U.S. It seemed to me as if EVERYTHING that was ungodly In the path of this enormous wall of fire was consumed by the time the wall reach the West Coast, but then some the fire kept traveling Westward and Northward to also include Alaska and Hawaii. Yet in spite of its devastating path of destruction as the fire wall moves throughout the nation westward, nothing that was pure and of God was harmed by the fire, including all the people in its path. Yet the wall then retraced its steps burning all the way as it traveled back over to the East Coast of America. This zigzag course of the fire continued back and forth for several times until literary EVERYTHING ungodly in its path was fully consumed and obliterated.