Holy Spirit Ministry

EVERY PROBLEM existing in the world of Christianity and in the lives of individual Christians stem from one source, the church’s rejection of the Person of the Holy Spirit. Rejection itself has a scope of operation; from the least subtle form of rejection to the most aggressive hostile abandonment of His Person. 
Here are some crucial things about the Holy Spirit and the Godhead that our ministry brings to the church so that we can enjoy the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and also that we can correctly relate our Christian lives to the Godhead…Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This will enable us to live a Christian life filled with the fullness of God.
The following is how Gabriel Heymans Ministries presents the Holy Spirit and the Godhead to the church:
1. The Holy Spirit is fully and totally God.
2. The Holy Spirit is co-equal to Jesus and the Father (there is no ranking order  in the Godhead).
3. The Holy Spirit is totally unified and synchronized in ALL THINGS with the Father and Jesus.  (When we ascribe glory to one Person by name we fully ascribe glory to all unless we are deceived not to believe and acknowledge the three individual Persons of the Godhead).
4.  Each Person in the Godhead governs a different part of creation throughout the universe throughout all ages.
     A. The Father is the head of the Godhead and as such is the visionary, the planner and the architect of all creation throughout all eternity.
     B. Jesus is the Redeemer, the Deliverer, and the Restorer of all creation alienated from God through rebellion and sin (excluding Satan and his followers for whom there is no redemption).
     C. The Holy Spirit is the Executioner, the Manifester and the Enforcer of all the creative works of God throughout the universe.
Once we understand the occupation of each Person of God towards all God’s creation, then we are able to relate to each Person in the Godhead correctly, and receive what each one individually provides for us.
Since we have now properly IDENTIFIED every Person in the Godhead we MUST know also their respective LOCATION.
The Father as the head of the Godhead PERMANENTLY RESIDES on His throne of glory at the HIGHEST POINT OF THE UNIVERSE.  Literally, everything is under His feet.
Jesus as the Redeemer and PROVIDER OF ETERNAL SALVATION was incarnated upon the earth in order to deliver us from all the contamination and damnation of sin.
From the Mount of Olives Jesus returned to the Father, AFTER obtaining a FULL salvation for us. It was fully completed.
The Holy Spirit PERMANENTLY resides throughout all of God’s creation. The Holy Spirit being omnipresent is able to personally reside in heaven, on earth, and throughout ALL creation simultaneously. This He has continually done from the beginning of creation and will do so until the beginning of Eternity when the old Heaven and Earth will pass away to be replaced by the new Heaven and the new Earth.
  • The Father is on the throne.
  • Jesus resides in Heaven at the Father’s right hand.
  • The Holy Spirit is omnipresent in person, in heaven on earth and throughout the entire universe!
  • It is the heartbeat of this ministry to present the Holy Spirit in every aspect of His fullness as God to the church and the world.
  • We present Him as God Almighty.
  • We present Him as a living person.
  • We present Him as the person of God who succeeded Jesus after His departure on earth.
  • We present Him as God who carries out all the works of God on the earth.
  • We present Him as God who lives inside the spirit of every believer in Christ.
  • We present Him as God who wishes to have a personal relationship of intimacy with every believer in Christ.
  • We present His presence as tangible, real and beneficial for all who encounter His presence.
  • We present His power as almighty and ever present in Him on earth.
  • We present him as being poured out in power and glory all over the world at different times.
  • We present the outpouring of the Spirit as rain,  as the rivers of God, literally as floods upon the dry ground…we further present the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as the fire and the glory of God:  
  • We present the Holy Spirit as being personally responsible for every miraculous work of God on the earth.

HOW DO WE MINISTER THE THINGS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT?  In our hearts and personal lives we enjoy this wonderful personal relationship with the Holy Spirit everyday.  Thus, we bring Him to the church to experience the same!  We enjoy His personal presence, His touch and His anointing everyday, and present that to the church also.  We proclaim the new outpourings and revivals which the Holy Spirit is about to bring to the church and the world and inform the church as such and prepare God’s people for these new visitations of the Spirit’s outpourings and revivals.

IN SUMMARY:  We purpose to present the fullness of the Person of the Holy Spirit including every aspect of His presence, power and glory as God to the church and the world.