Revival Ministry

The word or concept of “REVIVAL” is used in a multifaceted context throughout the Christian world. Its’ usage is so diversified that the true meaning of the word is often lost. 
Simply put, revival can mean anything from a good song to a worldwide revival of Christianity. When we say that revival is the “third heartbeat” of this ministry, we SPECIFICALLY refer to revival as "THE LITERAL AND ACTUAL OUTPOURING OF GOD'S SPIRIT UPON ALL PEOPLE." True revival is not a sermon, a song, or a conference. Those things do not bring a true revival of the Spirit; neither does true revival come by ANYTHING that man produces or preaches.  REAL REVIVAL COMES THROUGH THE OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT UPON PEOPLE!  THE HOLY SPIRIT ALONE BRINGS TRUE REVIVAL!
Revival through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was announced through the prophetic plan of God throughout the Old Testament. Before His departure Jesus Himself promised the outpouring and baptism of the Holy Spirit. The first or initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit into our SPIRITS called the BAPTISM of the Spirit. The baptism of the Spirit results in an OVERFLOW of the Spirit’s substance in our spirit-man resulting in an outflow of tongues accompanied by much joy and power. This initial baptism of the Spirit is a one-time event in individual Christians’ lives. But there are numerous diversified outpourings of the Spirit available to the church and the world. God’s prophetic plan calls for repeated outpourings of the Spirit at different times as predetermined by God before time. Such outpourings are not only intended for the spirit-man like the Spirit baptism; oh no, the Lord literally pours His Spirit on our bodies, then it flows into our minds and finally floods our spirits.  Outpourings of the Spirit immerse us fully in the SUBSTANCE of such outpouring!
The prophecy of Joel was reiterated by Peter following the first outpouring of the Spirit ever on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem to introduce the beginning of the Church Age. The climax of the outpouring of the Spirit in the church has not yet been fully realized. Such outpouring calls for the Spirit to be poured out literally upon ALL PEOPLE OF THE EARTH, in these final days before Jesus returns.
There are basically three different outpourings of the Spirit. The first one is best known and experienced by the church namely, THE RAIN of God. The outpouring of the rain of the Spirit comes to us at different times throughout the Church Age. Two major seasons are outlined in the Word; the former and latter season of the outpouring of the rain of the Spirit.
The second outpouring of the Spirit is God’s fire, which was combined with the rain on the day of Pentecost in cloven tongues of fire.
Throughout the church era different outpourings of fire have occurred in different parts of the world, yet to a far lesser degree than the outpourings of the rain. The greater outpouring of the fire has been reserved by the Lord for the final outpouring of God’s Spirit for the end-time revival and global harvest of souls. The third and most powerful outpouring of the Spirit has NEVER YET OCCURRED ON EARTH, yet this awesome and awe struck outpouring of God is destined for this final hour of the church. This outpouring is not understood either, and we have no example of reference or standard to compare it to, since it is way beyond anything humanly imaginable! Truly the world has never seen this kind of outpouring ever before throughout time, no… not ever! I am talking about the outpouring of the GLORY of God. The glory of God is the greatest virtue of life inside the Lord, the very SUBSTANCE which makes Him totally glorious! The outpouring of glory is the final outpouring of a threefold outpouring of the final season of the church…RAIN, FIRE AND GLORY!This will be the outpouring of the fullness of God on the earth.
We are about to experience the fullness of this threefold outpouring of the Lord at any time. We have no idea of how the full threefold outpouring of the Lord will be poured upon us, but our generation was destined for it before the world began!
This end time revival is prophesied throughout scripture for the last days, for the final harvest of the souls of all the earth before Jesus returns to earth. This revival will be the greatest visitation of the Lord on the earth ever; it will far exceed every previous revival. It will even exceed the COMBINATION of all outpourings and revivals throughout history.
THIS OUTPOURING IS THE GLORY OF GOD COMING TO ALL THE EARTH TO ALL PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONS… EVERYWHERE!  THE FOLLOWING IS HOW WE PRESENT THE NEW REVIVAL OF GOD TO THE CHURCH IN THIS MINISTRY:  This soon coming end-time revival is guaranteed because it is prophetically declared repeatedly throughout God’s Word.
The Holy Spirit speaks expressly today of this gigantic revival in Christian circles all over the world. He presently witnesses to the coming of this revival everyday, and the Holy Spirit does so increasingly as time progresses as we are rapidly approaching the time of the new revival.
Our ministry speaks, proclaims and prophesies everywhere regarding this end-time revival; thus, informing the church of the soon coming of this glorious event!
We have passed on all prophetic information which the Lord has shared with us regarding the coming revival since the Lord first revealed to us the legitimacy and reality of this glorious visitation of the Lord to the earth.
We have also purposed to comply with the Lord’s instructions regarding the necessary preparations for this coming revival and we have tirelessly ministered these instructions of preparations for revival to the church and all who will hear this message in the church today.
We have not ceased and neither have we grown weary of exhorting the church, encouraging and reminding her continually of this great hour of the fullness of God which will very soon come upon the earth, here and now, during our life time since we are the final generation of the Church Era and will certainly see the Lord return on the clouds of glory at the height of this global end- time revival!