The word or concept of “REVIVAL” is used in a multifaceted context throughout the Christian world. Its’ usage is so diversified that the true meaning of the word is often lost.
Simply put, revival can mean anything from a good song to a worldwide revival of Christianity.
When we say that revival is the “third heartbeat” of this ministry, we SPECIFICALLY refer to revival as "THE LITERAL AND ACTUAL OUTPOURING OF GOD'S SPIRIT UPON ALL PEOPLE."  True revival is not a sermon, a song, or a conference.  Those things do not bring a true revival of the Spirit; neither does true revival come by ANYTHING that man produces or preaches.  REAL REVIVAL COMES THROUGH THE OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT UPON PEOPLE! THE HOLY SPIRIT ALONE BRINGS TRUE REVIVAL! 

Revival will come to America

How Revival Will Come to America

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