True Christianity is very different from Christianity as practiced in organized religion which is an intellectual dogmatic study of the Word of God through the 5 senses of the body.  But true Christianity is neither a religion nor is it a science of the intellect of man. True Christianity is a personal relationship with God the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent to live in the spirit-man of all believers.  True Christianity is daily personal interaction and fellowship with the Holy Spirit in our spirit; it is like a spiritual romance of a love relationship as we experience the Lord in us personally and intimately every day.  
A. I put together this series to help Christians firstly realize that intellectual Christianity is a man- made interpretation of true Christianity, which we practice through brain power. It is not the real thing. Once we realize what true Christianity is we can switch from the brain into our spirit and begin to develop that personal relationship with Holy Spirit.   Then we can truly get to know God personally enjoying all the benefits of such personal relationship with God within us.

B. The benefits of TRUE Christianity are endless. Most importantly is the fact that we can have this personal intimate walk with Him, and that all the benefits of salvation can now be ours through His inspiration, guidance, revelation and supernatural help every day.