War of Wealth Full Text

It is possible for us to focus on something in God’s kingdom without getting distracted from our PRINCIPLE PURPOSE IN LIFE which is to HUNGER for God and His glory and to PURSUE His presence and glory FIRST AND FOREMOSTLY. The moment any covenant blessing or promise of God becomes more important than the Lord HIMSELF, we are defeated totally and NOTHING we pursue will come to pass if our FIRST PRIORITY is not to HUNGER for God and to SEEK after the Lord’s glory. I will be sure to REMIND you continually of this warning, because if our search for the wealth of God quenches our hunger for the glory of God during the course of this study we are defeated! On the other hand IF you and I continually, even daily STIR UP and stimulate our hunger for the Lord and PASSIONATELY PURSUE His glory BEFORE all things including wealth, our hearts will remain pure, and we can then also relentlessly pursue the breakthrough into the gold of God’s kingdom. REMEMBER; the glory always precedes the gold. Seeking God’s PRESENCE comes before seeking God’s PRESENTS, seeking God’s heart is first, before seeking God’s hand. This is the only way things work in the kingdom of God; indeed this is the only way we will have a break-through in the war of finances and wealth.

Concerning wealth and prosperity today, we are in a war, a fight, which we need to turn into a fight of faith; a fight we will win. We are destined, even called of God in this final hour to engage the enemy in this conflict over the wealth of the earth and to win this war and take the wealth of the wicked out of the hands of the enemy. We all need to step away for a moment from our own financial situation, and look at the big picture to consider what is happening in finances around the world and HOW we can gain the victory in this war against Satan. Let’s maintain a balanced understanding here. God is the One who performs the wealth transfer and every miracle of power. All I am saying is let us resist the devil and bring our part to fight the enemy and defeat him.  Indeed; lets fight the fight of faith for our blessing and breakthrough and the Lord will do His part; the miraculous!

In the history of man on the earth there are 8 accounts of God GIVING man the wealth and substances of the earth. The number 8 spiritually means 2 things namely the number of “COVENANT” and also “A NEW BEGINNING”



God gave Adam full dominion over ALL the substances and creation of earth.

In making covenant with Abraham, the Lord gave Him the wealth of the nations of the earth.

God told Isaac to sow his seed in the time of great famine, and the Lord multiplied his harvest over and over until the wealth of earth was his portion.

Living in a foreign land, the Lord prospered Jacob, and multiplied his wealth until he was the richest man alive.

God took Joseph from the prison to the palace to becoming the PRINCIPLE Ruler and Governor of the wealth of earth.

Through a mighty act of great deliverance God transferred the wealth of Egypt, the foremost world Empire of the time into the hands of Israel in one day, before leaving the land of Egypt.

He became both the wisest and the richest individual ever on earth as God gave the wealth of earth to Solomon during his reign as king of Israel.

Today, the church is awaiting the final great transfer of wealth of the world system to the righteous in order to fulfill God’s end time plan of glory.


11.1.  Adam was given a TOTAL stewardship of the earth and all its inhabitants. This plan of total stewardship was God permanent plan for man on the earth; to have all dominion and possession of all the creation of God, thus the Lord appointed Adam as the king of all the earth.

2. In Abraham God found a man who would sell out to God completely, subsequently, the Lord transferred the wealth of the earth to him through a Holy blood covenant.

3. Isaac, as the middle man in the 3 Fathers of Israel represents the Lord Jesus, the 2nd person in the Godhead. The wealth transfer to Isaac represents our redemption; this is the wealth transfer of redemption, for the redeemed of the Lord following after Isaac.

4. Jacob represents the heirs of salvation in the wealth transfer. As the heir of the son [Isaac] he, Jacob becomes the heir of God and the first of many heirs throughout the old and new testament times until the end of the Age. This is the wealth transfer concerning the INHERITANCE of the earth.

5. Joseph is a type of the church and the last day wealth transfer to the church. He was enslaved because he was falsely accused being righteous before the Father already and so is the church. But in her final 7 years before the Lord’s return the church like Joseph will rise to dominion and gather in all the wealth, possess it and distribute it all over the world. At the end of the 7 years of great prosperity the church is taken to glory, and then the 7 years of the tribulation [the lean years of Joseph will follow] the rise to wealth in the life of Joseph represents the wealth of the last day GOVERNMENT of the earth executed by the church.

6. Israel in Egypt represents the LITERAL ACT OF THE TRANSFERANCE OF WEALTH, showing us that the wealth will be given in urgency and fear by the world to the church, shortly before we depart the earth.

7. Solomon represents the ALL SUPERIOR WEALTH OF THE KINGS OF THE EARTH.  Solomon represents the wealth of the last days of the full dominion of the earth, which the church will reflect in these last days.

8. The church represents the miraculous plan of God for the last day army of the full glory of God, the people of total power, total dominion and total glory, the people that will shake the nations, rule over all and establish the kingdom of God in full before the Lord returns.

These are the 8 impartations of wealth throughout the history of man. The first one to Adam was an endowment, or an impartation and the following 7 are all actual TRANSFERS of the wealth as the abundance of the substance of the earth is handed back to mankind at different times in history. As we progress through this study we will examine these events of the wealth transfers of scripture up close.

We will integrate these 8 biblical endowments of wealth with the SCHEDULE OF THE WAR OF WEALTH which we will follow as we introduce all the financial wonders of God to you.

Holy Spirit gave me a PRECISE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS for this study which is as follows:

In some of these subjects like the “wealth in God’s Word” we will cover the information less exhaustively because there are many good teachings available regarding the covenant blessings of prosperity, and more references can be found with a good concordance and a little self-study. On the other hand there are some subjects mentioned here which will require several lessons or more per subject since some of these things are not generally known to the body of Christ, and are not preached anywhere for that matter.

As such we will concentrate here more on financial issues that are NOT preached in the church because they are EXCLUSIVE to my own prophetic ministry. Subjects numbers 3 and 4 mostly cover here revelations and visions regarding the wealth transfer for the church in the near future, revelations which are “exclusive prophetic revelations”. These are “prophetic wealth transfer revelations” which the Lord has given to me PERSONALLY for the body of Christ. These revelations will require a more in-depth look since these are unique revelations and manifestations of God in the realm of finances that I have personally experienced. As such; these revelations are exclusive to our ministry ONLY, and that includes some manifestations regarding the wealth transfer also which we have seen taking place in the spirit world.

What we are talking about here concerns the special and unique nature of the ministry of the Prophet. It is the trademark of every Prophet. All the Prophets of God, old and New Testament have a ministry that is filled with dreams, visions and supernatural revelations which NO OTHER prophet experiences. And here is how we discern them. When the revelations of a prophet are in line with the scriptures, and the prophet has a proven track record over many years, and possesses a credible ministry with the anointing and manifestations of God confirming his ministry, we can be assured that the revelations of this prophet will come to pass for they are indeed of the Lord.
This statement about the uniqueness and exclusiveness of a prophet’s revelations in ministry seems to shock people. It is something new for some believers to hear that the Lord would entrust certain prophetic revelations to ONLY ONE particular Prophet. Yet that is by reason of strength the VERY NATURE of the prophetic ministry. Again; God entrusts to every prophet some unique revelations and visions which no other prophet will EVER receive. Yet when all the revelations of the prophets are joined together, even though they are uniquely different, they all compliment each other and confirm the truth of God’s Word. It is like a large symphony orchestra. Every instrument looks and sounds completely different, AND each instrument plays a different edition or tune of the symphony. But in the end they all harmonize together and become a glorious work of beautiful music. Yet every instrument is vitally important and necessary for the FULL SOUND PRODUCTION of the musical piece or symphony!  We readily see this particularly as we compare the different revelations of the prophets of Israel. This is true of the prophets of the New Testament also. Paul admonishes all the prophets to speak [since they all have different revelations] yet these revelations all complete the common truth of God.

However, prophets do also see in the realm of the spirit, so by the Spirit the strategies of the devil ARE EXPOSED TO THEM, subsequently, these prophets are able to TEAR DOWN THE DEVIL’S STRATEGIES AND WEAPONRY against the church! For this reason the devil hates the prophetic ministry greatly. But the devil also greatly fears the prophet’s ministry due to the unique and powerful things God gives to every prophet individually. No wonder in old times in Israel the prophets were stoned to death; the devil would do everything possible to wipe out that powerful ministry for what this prophet will see and receive from the Lord and then enforce against the devil and his kingdom. Many stonings of the prophets were therefore of the devil! And when the Prophet prophesies his amazing God-given revelations forth, these things actually come to pass and destroy the works of darkness in ways no other ministry does!

People say “Is this even scriptural what you say here about the uniqueness of the calling and ministries of prophets”.  Absolutely! Trust me, I wish it was not this way, or that it could be changed. The ministry of every prophet in the Bible confirms this exclusive nature of the calling and message of every prophet, old and New Testament alike. Yes, every Prophet’s ministry is totally individualistic and truly one-of-a-kind. When we look at the ministries of the 3 Major Prophets in the history of Israel for instance, we see that ISAIAH was called of God when he was caught away to the throne of God where an angel touched his lips with a coal of fire. JEREMIAH on the other hand heard the audible voice of God calling him to be a Prophet from his very youth. Then Ezekiel again had the hand of the Lord fall upon him, resulting in some incredible visions which culminated in the vision of the Father on the throne with fire from his loins upward and fire from his waist down to his feet!  Of these 3 major prophets, everyone’s experience in their calling was incredibly different, and so were their great ministries to Israel and the same is true of the prophets of the New Testament, from Paul until today!

In this regard my heart has cried out to the Lord for people who would recognize the true calling of God on an “end time prophetic ministry” and be wise and quick to take certain steps to PROTECT that person and ministry because the devil would try to eliminate that ministry and kill that person. Satan cannot afford for such a “CRUCIAL end time prophetic ministry” to bring forth the revelations and visions given by God, they are too destructive to the devil and do threaten his ENTIRE end-time strategy against the church worldwide!
Let me speak frankly. When we are in the spirit as individuals, Holy Spirit can show us  specifically certain prophets and apostles in the church today who have a “make or break ministry” for the church in these last days: a ministry that is CRUCIAL for raising up the glorious church that will conquer the world.

These ministries and their great importance to the church are determined by the callings of God and are not based on any credibility or achievement by that person. Like Paul says, I do not boast; there is nothing to brag about when your ministry is a CRUCIAL MINISTRY to bring the church into glory and victory in any generation much less in this most pivotal final season of the final generation. Such was the case with the ministry of Paul in the first generation of the church. His ministry was totally crucial. Think about the setbacks the church of the first generation would have suffered if the ministry of Paul had failed.

THIS IS SO VERY IMPORTANT. As such there are ministries in the church today which are CRUCIAL and absolutely ESSENTIAL to the church which ministries are anointed to equip the church for this final hour of harvest and glory which is now set before us. The LOSS of any of these CRUCIAL MINISTRIES will set back the church greatly and rob her of some of the great power, dominion and wealth destined for her to inherit shortly in this final hour of the great harvest and the return of the Lord!

The calling of a crucial end time ministry is mine too, and today more than ever before I walk in it with fear and trembling every day. Personally I wish there was some way to change this fact, this calling, but it is impossible. Some of you have just recently joined our partnership, but others have known me for 20 plus years. You know and were part of the outpouring that the Lord had me lead together with Rodney Howard-Browne in the 90’s. Even Rodney can verify how the Lord gave me the revelation of the outpouring of the 90’s back in S. Africa in 1986. I spoke it out and prophesied it everywhere after the Lord revealed the coming outpouring to me. So from its humble beginning to its explosion internationally until its final decline, the revival of refreshing lasted for 15 years in total. What would have happened if I was unfaithful, if I had failed to prophesy the coming outpouring relentlessly from 1986 when the Lord revealed it to me until it finally erupted in early 1993? I do not know. But thank God I prophesied it non-stop everywhere! And it came to pass!

Some of you heard me back in 1995 tell how the Lord came to me and showed me the next great outpouring and that it would be fire. Some of you were even present in the meetings in March 1995 when the fire of God fell the first time in our generation with great power and fear upon the people. Since that time, some of you have seen a measure of God’s fire fall on some people in our meetings over the years as a PREPARATION to the new era of fire which is now upon us.  And some of you received a quick outpouring of God’s fire yourself and experienced firsthand what is soon to come full force in the power of God. Some of you have taken a look on you tube at the outpouring of fire in our meetings in Charleston S.C. in 2008. That footage is still on line for you to see. It is evidence and confirmation of the global outpouring of fire which is now so close.

Many of you have heard the amazing things the Lord has revealed to me regarding the coming outpouring of fire, the coming of the gold and glory to the church and the things the Lord will do for us in 2012. Most of those revelations are unique and exclusive to my prophetic office and to my own dismay; my ministry is one of those make-or break-ministries to raise up the glorious church in this day and hour. I must again stand at the forefront of the revival of fire around the world in the years which now lie ahead of us. Honestly, I wish I could change this. The price I have to pay and the battle I face even now becomes overwhelming and sometimes too much to bear. I wish I could escape it and run away and go do something else for a while until the fire has fallen and taken over everything.

Just like Paul it is scriptural to explain things to people to the defense or explanation of my ministry. As we have mentioned about the apostle Paul his ministry became crucial to the spreading of the Gospel and the establishing of the church among the Gentiles during the first generation of the church. If Paul had failed, the church would have probably dwindled away and fell prey to Judaism and reverted back to the Old Testament. Here is the proof. Peter the new leader of the church after the outpouring of Pentecost in Jerusalem was soon overwhelmed by the spirit of Judaism. He reverted back to his religious roots and refused to eat and fellowship with the Christians in Galatia. Paul had to confront him and was able to deliver him from this deceptive religious spirit he was falling prey to, a spirit that runs rampant in the church today and in the Christian Messianic movement.

But without Paul and his CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT MINISTRY in the first generation of the church, the Gospel would not have reached the gentile nations, and with the leadership of Peter already reverting back to the old religious roots, the church would have been nullified and rendered powerless before the end of its first generation. It would have set the church back an 100 years, and the Lord would have had to raise up “a new Paul” to revive the church even before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Today I am sure that there are more CRUCIAL END TIME MINISTRIES in the world given to the church to bring her to glory in this final hour. In the first generation of the church there was only one such ministry; the apostle Paul. Today, worldwide there are more but not many. Once again, it is with fear and trembling that I have to admit that I am one of them. These crucial end time ministries we talk about here have certain anointing and gifting without which the church COULD NOT rise to glory. The devil knows who these ministries are and they become prime targets for the enemy, because he has to stop them! He has no choice!

Here is my resume of crucial anointings to help the church rise to glory and power in the coming days.

PAST RESUME. My obedience in declaring and prophesying about the revival of the 90’s was crucial in the manifestation of that entire revival for over 15 years in total.


1. The Lord has called me to release wealth in the church in these last days. This is a supernatural anointing of wealth and riches. This is crucial to the wealth transfer soon to take place. My ministry is vital to the global wealth transfer.
2. The Lord has called me to be one of the principle ministries that will carry the outpouring of fire to the church, an outpouring that will transform the church and conquer the world. This is the greatest revival and visitation of God that will ever hit the earth, past present and future. It is vitally important that I run with the fire throughout the world when the global outpouring of fire begins. Our entire future, life ministries and destinies depend on the global outpouring of fire. This is the foremost and most crucial aspect of my end time ministry.
3. The crucial revelations which the Lord has given me will soon destroy the works of the devil and all his strongholds all over the world, and sweep the devil out of the way so that when the fire falls that the church can conquer the world, with the fire the gold and glory of God.

There is more, but these 3 anointings are the most vital and crucial. This is enormous. I live in fear and awe of this every day. I say every day “Please help me Oh God!” The battle against me is fierce; I am a target to the devil. But God is great; He will bring me through and all of us together into the glories of the new day of fire, gold and glory.

Please do not misunderstand me; I am no hotshot. I am burdened in the struggle for glory. I am weary but I will prevail and the breakthrough will come for all the church worldwide and the nations of the world. These are the final days!

Concerning the other crucial ministries out there; whoever they are or where ever they may be, I know what they are facing right now! In the last generation before us Kenneth Hagin the prophet was the “forerunner crucial ministry” who like a Moses had to prepare the way for what I and some other crucial ministries have to fight for and bring to the church in this hour. And this is not new. God told Kenneth Hagin to travel across America and preach prosperity and abundance whilst he would have to drive his car at night to spare his tires since they were old and he did not have the money to even buy new tires. But as the battle heats up we know victory will come soon too! Yet as we are facing the odds naturally set against us, I do now enter into a new conflict against poverty. This is what I call “THE WAR OF WEALTH”.

So, as I am crying out to the Lord for more protection and help, I am going to come out swinging. I will use this series of messages on finances to reveal and re-emphasize the financial secrets and glories of the Lord which He has prophetically given to me and have shown me. I will now launch THE WAR OF WEALTH with the financial words and revelations which the Lord has entrusted to me as a prophet, because these things will surely come to pass. I have to lay my life down to fight this war at this time, to proclaim and prophesy these financial miracles of God soon to break us free from poverty and lack.

Let’s face it. The church has NEVER been victorious in finances. We have never conquered the wealth of the earth, but in this final hour, the last and greatest of all, an enormous wealth transfer is destined for the church. But the prophetic work at this moment and time is a war, and Satan has declared war on the church and the world financially and has tried to destroy us financially over the last 4 years, and doing so with a vengeance!

Now the war is on, the battle now begins in earnest! This is not my battle only but every one of you can join in on this offensive against the devil. Starting today and with every letter following in this financial series every month I will give a course of action and attack at the end of every month’s letter for you to attack the enemy of poverty and the devil himself!  Join us, and may the Lord set your heart on fire. I hope you get as mad as I am about the devastation of our finances and wealth and the decline of America since 2007. It is time to stand up and say “ENOUGH!’’ It is time for war. We have the Word, the Holy Spirit, the calling and anointing of the last days, and like Paul says to Timothy, [1 Timothy 1:18] we should use the prophecies given to us by God so that WITH THESE PROPHECIES we may fight a good warfare. And it is especially with the special prophecies of wealth which the Lord has given me that I am going to war!

COURSE OF ACTION! Here is the first course of action to follow this month. At the end of next month’s letter there will be an additional course of action to add to this one, and so there will be a new addition every month until we break through!


1. PRAYERS. Even if you take 5 minutes every day and pray strongly in the spirit for me and for all the crucial ministries in the church worldwide. Right now it is desperation time for the crucial ministries.
2. PARTNERSHIP. Join this fight if you have not by becoming a MONTHLY partner with me. Partnership is something the Lord does in our spirits. When we have to remind people about the partnership every month and ask for their support month after month it is not in their heart and the partnership is not real. Please join and ask the Lord to raise up true partners for me. I believe the Lord for 100 true partners in 2012. It has become critical!
3. PARTICIPATION. Honestly, I pray the Lord makes you so angry at the devil and the poverty that Satan has attacked us and our great nation with during the last 4 years. I pray you get so inspired and so fuming mad that you will join this fight  and war and begin to call down the blessings and command the wealth of the wicked into our lives supernaturally. Money is a servant. Let’s together begin to speak to it and command it to come to us from alls the 4 corners of the earth. I pray you will join the fight and start “THE WAR OF WEALTH” fighting alongside with us every day.

Right now this war starts with prayer, partnership and participation through action. This is not a personal war for me; this war affects you as much as it does me and every Christian person out there.


We will win, and we will inherit the priced reward!


When you are poor enough, fed up enough and mad enough you will join! And a small platoon may swell into a worldwide army that will bombard heaven and shake the earth.



Today we are talking about the war of wealth for the second month, a war that for some of us has become personal and real. I pray for each of you that the Lord will pour the PASSIONS OF THE SPIRIT into your heart so that everyone will walk in the things of the Spirit including this war in the spirit world that we have now engaged in.

I firstly noticed a few years ago how the devil was making a play for the destinies of some of God’s people. Some of my closest friends also were suddenly attacked with life and death situations. It seemed as if all hell was breaking loose!  The Lord hollered at me when I asked Him what was going on. He said “You know and preach that the final hour of my glory, the outpouring of my fire and the harvest of the nations are now before you and you ask what is going on? Don’t you know since this is true that the devil MUST NOW do everything in his power to prevent the church from entering this time of great glory and blessing?”
We have to realize this! Just before the greatest blessings come the greatest trials and attacks. This is why the economies of the world are devastated today, and the nations of the world are more oppressed today than ever before! Satan has done EVERYTHING he is capable of to try and kills us especially over the last 4 years!
But we are not going to take this severe attack lying down. We will rise up in the spirit and FIGHT BACK! And…. We WILL finally see the break-through that has eluded the church for 2000 years in the realm of finances and wealth!
Why has the church always been poor; from her beginning days in Jerusalem till today? How come we have seen the church experience victory after victory during the last 2000 years concerning revivals and in bringing salvation to many people yet has always remained poor! WHY?

The question and the quest for answers are not new to me. I addressed some of these over the years in ministry, and discussed some of the greatest stumbling blocks to prosperity in my book “THE GOLD AND GLORY OF THE END TIME CHURCH” released in 1996. But let me tell you what the Lord spoke to me afresh, just a few days ago in telling me why the church has always been poor.


1. The number one reason why we were created was to DESIRE the Lord, to HUNGER for Him, to PASSIONATELY SEEK His presence and to LONG FOR His glory; forever. For 2000 years the church has failed to hunger intensely for the Lord and seek Him BEFORE EVERYTHING ELSE. The church has NEVER gotten her PRIORITIES right, never! Nothing works when your priorities are not right, NOTHING!

2. Due to the sinful nature of the flesh and the hostile environment of the world, the church has always submitted herself to a lifestyle of strife, unforgiveness, bitterness and downright hatred with evil intensions of the heart. The church has NEVER gotten her HEART right before God. Nothing works when your heart is not right before the Lord, NOTHING!
3. God has called His people to live and walk in the life of the Spirit, not living out of the flesh and its will, desires and wacky emotions, NO! To live a life that is walked closely with the Holy Spirit, bringing forth the actions of the spirit-man out of our reborn spirit is the ONLY LIFE God wishes for us to live. For 2000 years the church has failed to live the life of the spirit. You see more fleshly deeds some times in the church than the world! The church has NEVER gotten her CONDUCT right by living the life of the spirit. NOTHING works when your conduct is not becoming of the Lord, NOTHING!
4. The traditional doctrines of poverty believed by and preached by the church since her beginning have devastated our faith and our ability to receive the financial promises of God, and to see these promises coming into manifestation in our lives. The church has NEVER gotten her belief system right. NOTHING works when your BELIEF SYSTEM is wrong, since all the blessings of God are obtained BY FAITH. NOTHING works without FAITH.
5. The battle for the wealth of earth is a battle which should be fought on 3 fronts not on one front only. The small faction of the church which has come to believe in the blessings of God and has set out to obtain these financial blessings has not put forth a united effort. The battle is NATURAL [the economy, business and industry] then SUPERNATURAL [the promises of God’s Word, believing, praying, pursuing and persisting in the faith] and finally MIRACULOUS [the quest for financial miracles, multiplication of goods, and everyday financial miracles.] For the most of it, the church has pursued wealth in the natural arena of life ONLY. But the quest for wealth has to be pursued naturally, supernaturally, and also miraculously. As such the church has missed the mark. We have not gotten our act together in the perusals of wealth. Subsequently, NOTHING works when YOUR ACTIONS are not right or complete, NOTHING!
I am sure you could add a million reasons as to why things have not worked for the church generally. We all can think of some personal reasons too, like you have to forgive your mother-in-law, and you have to stop gossiping about your brother-in-law and so on. But UNIVERSALLY speaking, throughout the church these are the 5 main reasons why the church has had to endure poverty for 2000 years!

You may argue that personally you may not be so bad off and that all your bills are current or paid off and that you are not under financial pressure.  However, financial stability has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what we are talking about here, nothing! We are not talking about just making ends meet, NO!  We are talking here a very special prophetic event for the final days of the church; a sovereign work of God Himself, the wealth transfer of the wicked to the church. This event is a global and miraculous transfer of the earth’s resources to the church, an event that will instantly enable us for the work of the last day harvest of souls around the world!

Back to the real issue. This is serious stuff right now!  Are we prepared to fight this war in our hearts and do EVERYTHING NEEDED to inherit the wealth of the wicked, as God has promised for these last days? This is not a game or gimmick or just something to teach or preach. I have declared a war, like the war I declared and fought many years ago against the spirit of arthritis, AND WON. I have declared a war against the spirit of poverty, the church doctrines of poverty, the mindset of poverty, the beliefs of poverty, the circumstances of poverty, the effects of poverty, the curses of poverty and the defeats and miseries of poverty! THIS INCLUDES EVERY TRACE OF THE EXISTANCE OF POVERTY, ALL OF IT!

My wife and I have now engaged in this war! I hope you begin to feel the passion of the Spirit for this task. I hope like me that you are COMPLETELY FED UP with all forms of poverty, and join us in fighting this war. Sometimes other Christians want you to fight the battles in the spirit world for them; they do not want to get their hands dirty so to speak. But this conflict will ultimately require your aggression against it too, sooner or later; it is inevitable if you are PERSONALLY going to triumph in this battle!

NOW REMEMBER this is the toughest battle of all, the battle for the money is number one. This is the devil’s stronghold, his last frontier, the money. Satan loses the money and he is finished. He has nothing left. To him, this will be the war of despair, the do-or-die-war!

But first of all we have to know what we believe, and we have to reassure our hearts of the UNCOMPROMISING PROMISES of wealth in God’s Word, otherwise we are like the soldier on the battle field without his rifle. When we look at the promises of wealth in God’s Word, we see the golden thread of wealth and prosperity right throughout the entire Word of God, beginning to end. No where, does the Word of God ever imply that it is God’s will for us to suffer lack and be poor. Poverty is clearly defined as a curse, not a blessing, and lack and poverty totally contradict the character and Person of God.

The Lord taught people from the beginning of creation that He is the giver and creator of all things. God gave Adam dominion and possession of all things in the earth in the Garden of Eden. God blessed Abraham and gave him the wealth of the wicked. Through an eternal covenant, the Lord gave the wealth of the earth to Abraham’s descendants forever. The Lord taught the Israelites to associate wealth with the God of their covenant. He declared Himself the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the Lord who is the possessor of heaven and earth. Indeed, He is the God who possesses the earth and the fullness thereof.  Solomon, the man who built Israel’s first Temple, became the wealthiest man the world has ever seen. Altogether 6 times during bible days we see the Lord transfer wealth to His people, every time it was accomplished through a miraculous work of God Himself!  Through the prophet Haggai the Lord promised to transfer all the wealth of earth one more time to His people during the time of His end time harvest of souls. That time is before us now!

When Jesus went to the cross He redeemed us from the curse of poverty, a curse which He included in the old covenant as punishment for the disobedience of Israel. On the cross Jesus REMOVED the curse but passed on all the blessings of Abraham to the partakers of salvation and the new covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ. [Gal 3:13,14] Indeed, on the cross Jesus became poor so that we can become wealthy in Him, spiritually and financially. Paul declares by the Spirit that all things have been given to us through Jesus. We have received the blessings of Abraham and all the covenant blessings of the Old Testament. Through Jesus we have received all the blessings of the new covenant, ALL THINGS! Through Jesus at the right hand of the Father, we have also received the wealth of heaven insomuch that the Lord promised to meet our needs through His RICHES IN GLORY, or heaven!


1. All the wealth of earth through the covenant of Abraham.
2. All the wealth of earth through the salvation of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant.
3. The wealth transfer from the wicked to the righteous for the end time harvest of the Lord at His coming.
4. The promise from the Lord to MULTIPLY the substances we sow, or give to His work. [2 Cor: 9:10]
5. The wealth of heaven shall be given to us to meet our needs for the work of the global harvest of souls before the return of the Lord.

There is only ONE WAY for the devil to stop us from prospering and carry out the phenomenal task of reaping the world harvest of souls for the return of the Lord, which is to steal the money from us. Even with all the anointing and power of God, we cannot produce the substances of wealth required for living and accomplishing the world harvest of souls for the Lord’s return. The devil knows that every 20 years since 1907, the Lord has poured out a new revival in the earth. So immediately after the arrival of the new season of 20 year outpouring in October 2007, the devil globally attacked the economies of the world, to paralyze us in our global task, should the outpouring of fire arrive on time. Yet the Lord has delayed the outpouring of fire for 4 years. When Israel was reborn as a nation in 1948, the devil trembled, because he knew there was only a maximum of 80 years left before the second coming of Jesus. Due to the urgency of the hour and the much anticipated outpouring of fire, the devil attacked with all his power and drove the world economies into a recession!  Doing something without money is like trying to run a race without legs; it simply cannot be done!

Ultimately, the devil is after 2 things in your life, the gold and the glory. The devil cannot steal the anointing of God upon our lives, but he can attack us and tempt us to do the things which will cause us to lose the anointing of God. When it comes to the gold it is much easier. Satan has always committed breaking and entering to steal the possessions of God’s people. During Old Testament times Israel’s enemies would attack her for the abundant wealth of gold in the temple. As people nowadays break into banks to steal wealth, in those days all Israel’s wealth was in the temple, so her enemies would head straight for the temple to steal Israel’s wealth!

In today’s world, the devil has to convince us to give up our wealth, or the right to OBTAIN our God given wealth. And since the birth of the church in Jerusalem, the devil has had a powerful strategy to steal the wealth of God away from the church through his lies of deception of poverty. And he did not wait for the grass to grow under his feet either! The first sign of the church surrendering to poverty is found in Acts chapter 3 when Peter and John went up to the temple for prayer. To the lame man asking for money at the gate of the temple Peter admitted that “SILVER AND GOLD HAVE I NONE……Acts 3:6.  The man had 2 urgent needs, a miracle of healing in his legs and feet, and some urgently needed money since he was unable to work. Through the anointing and power of Holy Spirit, the miracle of healing took place, but the man went away hungry and needy for his natural needs which were not met. The devil always attacks the head first. Peter was the head Apostle of the early church starting with the outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost.

As the head of the newly born church it took the devil less than 2 years since the miraculous birth of the church to convince Peter to shun riches, and ONLY strive for the anointing of God. Clearly, the Lord’s will is for His people to have both the gold and the glory as it was in the days of the old covenant when the temple was filled with the gold and glory of God. How did the devil convince a Jew such as Peter so quickly to abandon his covenant rights of prosperity so easily, when he was raised with the promise of wealth as a son of Abraham? And more so, when you examine the earthly ministry of Jesus, you notice Jesus’ personal wealth, as well as His unsurpassed reputation as a giver to the poor. [Remember when Judas left the last supper in the middle of the night, the rest of the disciples thought Jesus had sent him out to give away some money to the poor, because Judas was Jesus’ TREASURER!] Jesus had a treasurer with a bag that was always full of money, He owned His own private home, he wore such fine and expensive clothes that the soldiers casted the lots for his garments at the cross. They did so not because Jesus was famous, Oh No, they despised Him. But His clothes were expensive and immaculate!

Jesus told the masses of people who followed Him that they did so because He fed them all the time. When Jesus and His disciples were away from the city and they ran short on supplies, Jesus simply prayed and His Father multiplied the food for the masses of people, and did so more than once. Why did the devil tempt Jesus in the wilderness by telling Him to turn the stones into bread? Because He could have done so at any time! How hard must it have been for Him to resist doing so especially after 40 days without food? Jesus once told the Jews that His Father could raise up children of Abraham out of stones, much less fresh bread! Paul states that Jesus was rich but for our sakes He became poor so that we might become rich ourselves through Him. Jesus did not become poor until He went to the cross for us.

These are just a few things to consider about the earthly wealth of Jesus. But traditional teachings of poverty have plagued the church since her beginning in Jerusalem. The poison of the poverty doctrines of the devil took effect on Peter and the rest of the leaders of the church in no time, as we see with Peter and the lame man at the temple gate. This poison became like rotten yeast that leavened the whole lump, [the whole church] for 2000 years!!! The devil sold the church a pack of lies, and today the majority of the church still believes and preaches the devil’s lies of poverty as gospel to the church of Jesus on earth. I set out a series of the 10 foremost false doctrines of poverty plaguing the church in my book “the gold and glory of the end time church”.



It’s not about having things, but things having you!!!
No, it’s neutral; it can be used for good or evil, either way. It is the ungodly LUST for money that is evil Paul says.
Yes we need humility, but poverty does not make us humble, it intimidates us with inferiority. On the other hand humility is a spiritual quality which we cultivate by walking and fellowshipping with God’s Spirit.
No the way of the righteous is the way of prosperity, not poverty. God leads us into good pasture of abundance, not lack and poverty.
How on earth can anybody believe this lie? Jesus is the Lord of all creation, of all glory, splendor, might and dominion. All creation belongs to Him, where on earth is the poverty in Him or in the FULL SALVATION which He has PROVIDED for us?
Equally absurd and ridiculous. Go and ask starving people in Africa or Haiti how blessed they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to these places and see for yourself what the curse looks like!
 I mentioned a few things from the earthly life of Jesus to show you that He was NOT POOR on earth, go study this further for yourself! This is one of the strongest poverty doctrines of the devil in the church! What a lie this is!
 What an insult to Jesus personally. This is to accuse Him of lying and failing to take our poverty in Himself on the cross. We are redeemed from poverty.
What a hoax! They mix perfectly together, it is the gold and the glory which the Lord established in Israel’s temple of old; thus teaching them that He is the God of gold and glory, the perfect blend!!!
Wealth comes to those who habitually walk with God, people who know HE IS THE SOURCE OF ALL WEALTH. Once you obtain it by walking with Him, you will NEVER STOP; this is the way to success, the way of life in Him!.

These are the basic 10 poverty doctrines, but there are more of course. Most of the 2000 year poverty in the church has been caused by God’s people believing in these ridiculous lies of the devil and ACCEPT them, which give the devil the right to steal all our wealth from us.

Today’s lesson is all about accepting that wealth is the promise of God for His people, old testament, new testament, earth, heaven and all of eternity!


This brings us to today, and the war of wealth. All the Lord wants from us is to volunteer for service in His army. So many of God’s people are caught up in ritualistic “works programs” of prayer and fasting and what have you. These Christians have not learned that the New Testament life is supposed to be a life where I am under the CONTROL and LEADING of Holy Spirit. I do not sit around praying endless hours every day in the spirit to accomplish the task of this war, NO! I do seek the Lord every day what I am to do throughout the day, and every day is different. Some days I do end up praying a few hours in the spirit as He leads me; other days I keep speaking the Word, or declare the event of the wealth transfer. At other times the Lord inspires me to speak and even give me the anointing to prophesy the wealth of God coming to the church. I use the list of the five-fold blessings listed here above to declare the blessings of the wealth of God for us at this time, the wealth of both heaven and earth!!

This is a war we will certainly win. When the final victory comes I want to be assured in my heart that by the leading of God’s Spirit I have done ALL the Lord had intended for me to do to please the Lord so that whether it is regarding the wealth transfer or anything else, that have been perfectly guided by the Lord day by day as to what He wanted me to do every day.


As I said in the beginning, every month I will give you an assignment in the battle for the transference of the wealth of the earth. Of course the Lord will lead you to do different things altogether! But we can take the impressive list of the blessings of God and speak the Word and command the wealth of the wicked to come into the hands of the church worldwide. Look up the scriptures of wealth, or as the Lord leads you to some of them grab them and come out swinging the Sword of the Word in the battle for the wealth of the earth. And write me a comment; tell me what the Lord is doing with you in this war of wealth. Finally, ask the Lord to give you His passion regarding your part in this battle and Holy Spirit will surely inspire and lead you every day!