Welcome Partner

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you in the precious Name of Jesus!

Shellie and I are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to minister the prophetic things of God’s heart to you, His beloved children.

As we flow in to 2018, new things are on the horizon. The Lord opened the door for us to be featured on Christian Television twice recently, during the month of January in Augusta, Georgia. We are now looking forward to making more appearances on other Christian television stations across the nation as several new options have become available to us.

Our "YouTube" ministry is like a life-line for all those who live in an area where good, sound ministry is not available. We post a new message every weekend for all who are hungry for the excellent things of God. However, the YouTube ministry is much more than that. Since we've accumulated so many study courses on YouTube, these may serve as an online Bible School for those who wish to prepare themselves for the ministry. The YouTube ministry will also soon become a powerful extension of the Fire revival in America, simultaneously preparing those people in foreign lands for revival crusades when we eventually conduct crusades internationally.

We have recently upgraded www.gabrielheymansministries.com, providing better access. We are continuing to expand the website. We hope that you will introduce family and friends who are hungry for the Lord to all aspects of our ministry. We want you to feel free to email us at holyfire711@aol.com. Let us know what you think of the weekly YouTube messages. We want to hear from you. We value you as a partner and friend! If you have been partnering with us, and would like to share your Testimony, please email us!

The first expansion to the website is the “PERSONAL PARTNERS PAGE”. The purpose of this edition is to minister in more detail concerning the pertinent prophetic issues of the day, especially to you who are the "INNER CIRCLE" of the ministry. We have posted the first of these "PERSONAL PARTNER MESSAGES". These messages are in depth explanations of the major prophetic events in America, 2000 A.D. until the present day.

On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 the Lord gave me revelation regarding specific events which transpired during 2013 and 2014. These predictions would serve as a final season of preparation before the new revival arrives. Subsequently, at the beginning of 2015 the Lord told me that everything is set in place for the start of the new revival in this year of 2015!

And so, I truly believe God that we are standing at the point of destiny right now. Our involvement in the launching of the new revival is imminent, as it was back in the early 90's.

For this reason we want to reach out to all of you today to invite you to share www.gabrielheymansministries.com with others so we can join in PARTNESHIP in this ministry as we prepare to launch God’s outpouring of fire across America, THIS YEAR! We thank you for becoming a partner with us at this critical time...for any amount....as the Lord may lead you from month to month.

Our Personal Partners are the backbone of this ministry since we launched the ministry nationally in 1993. We cannot thank our partners enough for their support and participation in this ministry over the years. God will be your great Rewarder in this venture, both now and throughout eternity, so that the faithfulness of our partners over the years will stand forever as a memorial before God in the heavens!

Shellie and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your partnership and participation of our ministry. So let’s join hands and hearts together today. As the Lord says...TODAY is the day of salvation and faith is NOW!

We pray for each of you and thank you today, for continuing to PARTNERSHIP with our ministry today for the glory of God! Thank you for sharing www.gabrielheymansministries.com on a daily basis with your social media outlets, and your email list.

Blessings to you!

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